ESC Mattress Center was voted SnoCo best mattress store in Snohomish CountyE. S. C. Mattress Center logo of a sleeping panda. Just like the one above our mattress store in Everett, WA

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Thank you for checking out our sleep blog. Below are some mattress and sleep-related posts to help you research your better night’s sleep; all brought to you from our team of local sleep experts with over twenty years of mattress industry experience.
The blog post called Five Mattress Shopping Tips

Five Mattress Shopping Tips

We know a good night's sleep is essential to healthy living, and the right mattress is vital. One of the biggest mistakes people make, however, is not taking time to "test drive" the mattress in-store before buying it -- also why mattress shopping online simply doesn't work...

The blog post called 2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup

2019 Stearns & Foster Lineup

Creating the perfect mattress takes time, care and passion. Stearns & Foster provide lavish comfort and unparalleled design and quality are at the core of every mattress they make. From hand-stitching to hand signing every mattress their craftsmanship reflects the history...

The blog post called ESC Mattress Center Wins Best Mattress Store in Sno Co!

ESC Mattress Center Wins Best Mattress Store in Sno Co!

**Thank you, Snohomish County, for voting ESC Mattress Center in Everett “Best Mattress Store” in 2018!** We are grateful for your support of our local small business as we work towards our mission of helping Snohomish County **“Sleep Like The Experts Do”** and wake up ready...

The blog post called Mattress Construction 101: Parts of a Mattress

Mattress Construction 101: Parts of a Mattress

Here at ESC Mattress Center in Everett, we believe there is no "one perfect mattress" for everyone, which is why we have over fifty mattresses to choose from. With over twenty-five years of mattress industry experience, one of the most common questions people ask when shoppi...

The blog post called We're Partnering with Clothes For Kids

We're Partnering with Clothes For Kids

Clothes For Kids provides clothing to children of low-income families in Snohomish County so that the kids can focus on what's important at school, learning. We're accepting new and gently used clothing donations for preschool to 12th-grade children, that we will transport t...

The blog post called How Much Sleep Should You Get at Night?

How Much Sleep Should You Get at Night?

The amount of sleep a person should get varies based on what you may be reading or watching, but the common belief is somewhere between 6 – 9 hours a night. There’s a nap-sized gap in that range, so what’s the right amount of sleep for you?New research suggests that the amoun...