The Best Method for Falling and Staying Asleep
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If you've ever had trouble falling asleep, you probably know that there are hundreds of recommendations on the easiest ways to fall asleep.

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Falling asleep can be difficult for some people. Counting backward, drinking a glass of warm milk or reading at bedtime are common recommendations. However, things like exercise, sleeping in a bed that fits your body's comfort needs and proper sleep hygiene are more reliable in helping a person fall asleep. 3 icons listing thing you can do to fall asleep

If you need extra help drifting off get science on your side.

The degree of dilation of blood vessels in the hands and feet is the best physiological predictor for the rapid onset of sleep. In order to turn your foot temperature to your advantage, take a warm bath before bedtime. Both young and older adults experience fewer body movements in the first three hours of sleep, and older adults experienced "good sleep" and "quickness of falling asleep."

If you need extra help drifting off take a warm bath before bedtime

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How Much Sleep Should You Get at Night?

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